McTeacher Nights

McTeacher Nights are an opportunity to partner with our local schools.  We typically do McTeacher nights during one month in the spring, and one month in the fall.  We invite the teachers to come work with us for an evening, and the student body gets to come be served McDonalds from their favorite teacher.  During this timeframe Kilian Management donates 20% of sales, and all collected tips go to the school represented for the evening.  McTeacher nights are a great time for our staff, for the teachers, and most of all for the students who get a kick our of their teacher, or maybe even their school mascot serving them McDonalds!

Kilian Management Services is proud to have hosted 414 McTeacher’s nights since 2012, raising over $309,825 for local schools in our communities!

If you are a school representative that has interest in participating please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

McTeacher Night Interest Form