About Kilian Managment Services

Kilian Management Services is a McDonald's Owner/Operator organization based in West Bend, WI.  We proudly operate 53 McDonald's restaurants in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan, where we employ approximately 2500 people.

Our Mission Statement is:

"We take care of you so that you take care of our customers."

Our Core Values are :

1.  We believe the customer comes second
2. We leave a positive impact on our communities
3. We provide more than just a job

We truly believe that our people come first and results are a byproduct of our culture. We believe in making sure that we have great opportunities for all our people.  We have an outstanding tuition assistance and McStudy program that promotes higher education.  We also have other wonderful programs including “English under the Arches” a program for non-English speaking employees to take classes to learn English, as well as programs that offer a high school diploma for those who may not have had the opportunity to graduate from high school.  We believe that giving our employees the tools to succeed in life will help them while they are with us and help them in the future regardless of what they choose to do.  We have had employees go on to become doctors, lawyers, IT professionals and even some who became McDonald’s Owner Operators themselves.