The History of Kilian Management Services

Steve Kilian Sr. started his career as an auto mechanic in Chicago IL.  He and his wife Debbie then had the opportunity to buy a White Hen Pantry, which they operated together for many years.  In 1987 he got the opportunity to become a McDonald's Owner Operator and purchased his first restaurant in Milwaukee WI.  It was in Milwaukee that Scott Faehnel came on board with Steve Kilian.  Scott had been in the McDonalds system for a few years already and had a great wealth of knowledge. In 1990 Steve Kilian was offered an opportunity to purchase the two McDonalds in West Bend, WI., and moved the company headquarters to West Bend, WI. Scott Faehnel continued as the Director of Operations after the move to West Bend, WI until his retirement in December of 2020. From there they continued to acquire more restaurants and now have 53 restaurants across Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

                                                   Steve Kilian Sr. and Scott Faehnel, 1993, McDonalds Operator Convention                                                  Steve Sr and Scott F                             

Steve Kilian Jr started working in the restaurant cleaning restrooms and parking lots at the age of 12, He continued working in the restaurants and held all positions from crew person to shift manager, general manager, and supervisor. He graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Business in 2005. Steve Jr continued the legacy of Kilian Management Services and joined his father in becoming an owner operator in 2007. In December of 2021 Steve Kilian Sr. retired from McDonalds, and Steve Kilian Jr is the sole operator of Kilian Management Services.

Business of the Month Video- West Bend Chamber of Commerce

Steve Kilian Jr. was awarded the "Integrity Award" in 2023.  This award is presented to the top performing organizations in regards to people practices and employee value practices.  Steve was honored with this award for his work in improving employee benefits, and ensuring clear communication with all new employees.  It was an honor and a testement to our core values at work every day.

Steve Kilian Jr. accepting his Integrity Award with McDonald's Leadership
Award 2023